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The “Secret” Behind The Last Three World Record Yields In Corn — Return Your Soils To Their ‘Genesial’ State

Your soil is a living ecosystem. Modern agriculture is seriously damaging your soils. However, by returning the bio-life to your soil, to their condition before we began farming them, we can all enjoy abundance.  But, there are no “silver bullets”, so products have to work together, they have to be easy to use, and above all else, they have to supply you a return on your investment. Revita-N microbial inoculant checks each of these boxes in spades.  Read on…

Timing Is Everything

As conscientious growers we know that proper timing of our fertility program can be the difference between our record breaking yields and disappointments.   We look at what our neighbors are doing, listen to our extension agent, and review our historical soil and tissue tests. We build spreadsheets with dizzying complexity to track correlations between the variables.  We watch the weather and attempt to account for the differences from year to year.  We do hybrid variety trials hoping to hit the home-run and unlock the key to how our crop will best yield “here”. And, we religiously walk our fields looking for any sign that we’re limiting our crops’ performance through mistimed fertility applications.

Spoon-feeding On Autopilot

The irony of all of this hand-wringing and complexity that we’ve introduced into our cropping plans is that Mother Nature has already figured this all out for us.  Through mechanisms that we’re only beginning to understand, plants in a healthy, biologically diverse soil will attract the microbial life in the soil to their root zone.  Even more incredibly, through their roots, plants will ask for and receive the specific nutrients that the plant needs in that moment from the microbial life in the soil zone.  They accomplish this by pumping sugars into the soil which the plant uses in exchange for nutrients that would otherwise by scarce or hard to accumulate through mass-flow and root interception alone.

Your plants know what they need, and a healthy soil has trillions of microbes at the ready to provide the critical nutrition for growth when your plants ask for it. Soils that have been compromised by compaction, fungicides, herbicides and our conventional cropping methods can lose this miracle of nature and leave us alone to try and observe — from above ground mostly — what is going on with our crops.  By reinvigorating our soil with beneficial micro-life, Mother Nature is allowed to help us ensure our crops get the right fertilizer at the right time delivered to their root-zone in a form they can readily take up and incorporate into their next phase of growth.

Revita-N Works With Your Existing Fertility Program

Compost teas and “Bugs in a Jug” have been around for years, but many of these programs lack what we call “stackability”.  Because the microbes were too delicate it was often impossible to mix with other components of your fertility or disease management program.

Revita-N is dfferent.  The microbial life in revita-n has been “encapsulated”.  What that means is your microbes will survive in your tank with your other products.  What that means to you is, fewer passes over your field with your sprayer and more flexibility when scheduling your fertigation.

Easy To Use

You ever use a microbial inoculant that wants you to ‘brew’ it for a couple of days, and then has instructions to apply it within 24 hours or the microbes die off before you can even get them into your field?  What happens if you get a weather event before you can apply your microbes?

Revita-N can survive in the bottle for up to three years.  It’s ready to go when you are.  The super-high density and specific selectivity of the microbes means you only need 32 ounces per acre or less.  No more bringing in tanker trucks to try to satisfy a 30 gallon/acre requirement!

Return On Investment & Return on Life

By using revita-N you’ll see a return on  your investment in the first year.  However, growers typically see their most dramatic yield improvements after treating their soils for three years.  The microbial populations take time to reestablish themselves and begin working on your behalf in the soil.  By establishing beneficial micro organisms in your soil, your soil will start working for you.  The microbial populations will grow healthier plants, more resistant to disease, they will help keep harmful pathogens away from your crops and their root zone through competitive exclusion, and you can start to focus on the things that make farming fun again.

Contact us to see how revita-N can help your R.O.I. and improve your return on life or “R.O.Life”.

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