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Are you curious how David Hula grows 542 bushels per acre?

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Break through your yield barriers with Invigor 8™

  • More Even Emergence

  • Increased Germination

  • Higher Yields

Everyone knows that yield champions like David Hula & Kevin Kalb can rack up eye-popping returns on investment with Invigor 8™.  But, how is it going to work on your farm?

Interested in a 765% R.O.I. on your corn?

invigor 8™ treated corn versus control after 96 hours

Field Trial Results:  Click the button to get the trial results including:
  • Yield reponse
  • Costs per acre
  • Actual return on investment

No one in these field trials had “magic dirt”.  No one had perfect weather.  The data is from real growers, just like you, who used invigor 8™ and saw results.

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