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Seed Treatment With Invigor 8

Our new liquid version of Invigor 8 and Invigor 8+ are showing great results in faster and more robust emergence. Invigor 8 can help with:

  • Faster emergence
  • More even emergence
  • Larger root and plant mass
  • Increased yield potential

Purchase Invigor 8 here. For even more potential, our new Invigor 8+, with an added biological component, is available in limited quantities. Talk to your Genesis Ag rep or call 844-455-5511 for availability.

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At Genesis Ag, we believe the future of farming means working in harmony with the environment using products and tools that replenish and sustain the soil and the natural environment. We work hard to develop products that can help repair decades of damage caused by more traditional farming methods. We believe that by working together, we can change the world’s soil, one plot at a time.

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