A high value energy source for your crops

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What Is Carbose?

Carbose is a unique blend of immediately available sugars and several hand selected bacteria species that play an integral role in the process of converting available carbon sources into additional available sugars.

In order to replicate and flourish, the beneficial microbes in your soil need food.  The more readily available that food source, the faster they can reproduce and get to work improving your soil structure and improving the availability of plant-available nutrients in your root zone.

Let Carbose help provide your plants with the vital energy they need for optimum growth.

What is Carbose?

Carbose™ is a unique energy source for your plants

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Carbose Can Help

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Boost Soil's Microbial Life

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Provide Sugars and Beneficials

Carbose Splash

Enhance Nutrient Absorption

The Right Food for Your Plants

Savvy growers know that applying a sugar source to your soil can stimulate your soil’s microbial activity and generate positive yield results.  What makes carbose different is that included in the carbose formula are two different bacteria that aid in the generation of sugars.  That means long after a traditional sugar source is exhausted, the bacteria in carbose continue working for you, your crops, and your soil.

Ready To Use Sugars

The sugars in carbose have been processed so that neither your plants nor your microbes have to undergo the intricate process of breaking the sugars down into a usable form.  That means, your plants and microbes waste less energy getting the food they need.

Carbose Splash

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