Improve Your Corn Yields


There’s More Than One Way to Go Big

  • More Even Emergence
  • Bigger Ears
  • Breakthrough Yields

As you know the money you make every year is going to depend on two things; how much grain you can harvest from your fields, and how much it costs you?  That’s your return on investment, or “R.O.I.”

We get a lot of attention for all the yield records growers are setting with our products, but the real question you want to know is, “how will these products add to your bottom line on your farm in your soil given your growing conditions?”  Read on to find the answers.


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More Even Emergence

By promoting a more vigorous and even emergence you benefit in several ways

  • Higher Plant Counts
  • More Vigorous Early Growth
  • Less Competition Among Plants

Higher Plant Counts

In side by side trials, we see higher germination rates, and greater plant populations in fields with identical seeding rates.  In other words, more plants, more ears, and  higher yields.

Early Growth

High rates of germination and vigorous early growth signal the plants to put on a maximum of grain during the critical early growth stages.

Less Competition Among Plants

Corn is notorious for viewing late emerging corn plants as unwelcome “weeds”.  Better established plants will try to out-compete and choke off the growth of the late emerging seedlings and hurt harvest yields.

Size Up Your Ears

Bigger Ears

Bigger Ears For Bigger Yields And Higher ROI

  • More Rows
  • Greater Length
  • Heavier Test Weights

More Rows

In the early stages of growth your ears’ girth is determined.  Your corn plant will evaluate the environment it’s growing in and “decide” at that point how many rows to put on each ear and potentially how many kernels we’ll see on each plant. Small changes in the number of rows can dramatically effect your final yield totals

Greater Length

Maximize the effects of your later season nutrition. We’ve identified points later in the growing cycle where fertilizer applications can have the greatest impact towards lengthening and filling your corn’s ears.

Heavier Test Weight

Fast, even emergence, healthy root systems and bigger ears are all nice, but we sell our crop based on weight. Our corn program outlines strategies for maximizing your test weights which can dramatically improve your yield totals and bottom line.

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