Early Soybean Side-by-Sides

We’re getting some early soybean side-by-side pictures in from around the country and the results are looking phenomenal.

We’ll be doing our best to share them with the Genesis Ag family as time allows.

early soybeans fertilized wiht exude liquid starter fertilizer

Random Sampling From The Field

The following picture was taken on May 9, 2016 at Miles Farms in McGehee, AR.  Miles Farms’ agronomist pulled several random samples from a field that was treated with exude our new elite starter soybean fertilizer, and several more samples that were from a control plot.

Treated Soybeans Were 28.57% Larger

The visual results were quite stunning.  In addition, the samples were individually weighed and the average exude treated soybean plant came in at 9 grams.  The control plants were an average of 7 grams.

Thank You Miles Farms

We’d like to take a minute to thank Matt Miles and his operation for following up, being diligent about tracking the progress in his fields, and above all being generous enough to share his results with the entire Genesis Ag family!

If you have some early season side-by-sides you’d like to share with us, please do so.  We love to be able to share proof from the field!  If you do sent some pictures or video, please also do let us know if we can make your results public.