Understanding Carbose

There are mention of comparing molasses and Carbose, this is much like comparing apples and oranges. However, for this brief explanation I would like to use the two for comparison for easy understanding of Carbose’s mode of action. Molasses is a high calorie and high energy source however misguided “high calories and high energies” are like a misguided automobile at full speed ahead racing toward a brick wall. Molasses contain 14 to 18 calories per 5ml and the idea behind the molasses application approach is that it will feed and boost the soil microbial and increase activity and that those microbes will utilize the energies and calories to perform. That is a misguided general believe that are very much like saying “all you need to have a great crop is to use Nitrogen” the reality is that it depends on what you are trying to achieve, for example if cellulose utilizers are your targets then molasses will decrease their activity while increasing others, giving you a negative result. The balanced approach is the correct approach. We like to say Molasses are like a knife while products like Carbose are like a swiss army knife set which contains tens of different tools.  Molasses are just molasses they are what they are what you see is what you get nothing more nothing less. (The single Knife) Carbose is built around the idea of Catalytic reaction of Microorganisms and using these generated energies to feed the soil and the plant. (A Swiss army knife set)

 The Catalytic Approach

The sugars and Microorganisms in Carbose are living catalysts, which converts most chemical processes to occur in the soil and the plant. Bacterial intermediates are responsible for a large number of important chemical reactions in soils, particularly those involving organic matter and redox processor. Carbose contain reducers, which decompose chemical compounds to simpler species and thereby, drive the energy requirements for their growth and metabolism. Carbose also contain producers, they utilize Light and the Sun to create sugars and energy; they are the stored chemical energy for metabolic requirements.

Carbose was designed along with our other Microbail products, the purpose of Carbose was for it to generate a certain amount of energy to create specific synergy with our other microbial products. However, through field tests we discovered that Carbose alone was also extremely effective with crop improvement along with increasing soil microbial activities.

The calories and energies that are stated are not physical calories but generable estimates when used properly.


Increase the energy source with minimal upfront investment

Carbose is a very popular environment friendly product that creates a catalytic approach. The sugars and microorganisms in Carbose are living catalysts, which convert most chemical processes that occur in the soil and plant. Bacterial intermediates are responsible for many important chemical reactions in the soil, particularly those involving organic matter and redox processor.

There are two major microbes present in Carbose: Azotobacter sp. and Lactobacillus sp.

Azotobacter sp.:

  1. Produces various plant hormones and vitamins in the soil which helps in the enhancement of plant activities like cell division, fruiting process, proper growth and development.
  2. Aids in the production of vitamins that helps in biosynthesis and antioxidant functions making the plant even more healthy.
  3. Fixes nitrogen even in low oxygen level.
  4. Ensures greater nutrient absorption and crop yield.

Lactobacillus sp.:

  1. Suppresses pathogens and protects plants from various diseases.
  2. Increases the organic content in the soil which improves the nutrient supply for different plant activities.
  3. Allows slow release of nutrients found in the rhizosphere of the plant to be absorbed, slowly overtime, by the plants.
  4. Helps in phytohormone secretion.

Carbose also contains reducers, which decompose chemical compounds to simpler ones and thereby, drive the energy requirements for their growth and metabolism, specially, young plants that are not capable of producing its own sugar from photosynthesis process can benefit from extra carbon stored which is in our product. Not only that, Carbose also reduces the salt content in the soil and upsurges the balanced osmosis process of the plant.

The goal of this product is to create high value increase of energy source with minimal upfront investment and making it easy for a grower to incorporate Carbose into a custom or its existing programs.

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Carbose is a liquid source of sugars and sugar-generating bacteria.  Carbose supplies your soil, root-zone, and plants with an immediate source of energy.  And, the microbes in Carbose scavenge your environment and create additional sugars long after you’ve applied the product.  It’s like installing billions of microscopic sugar factories in your soil and root-zone where your plants and the microbial populations in your soil can access it.


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