Invigor 8 is the seed treatment that national yield champions David Hula and Kevin Kalb are using to establish their  stands. Are you?

You know the role that rapid, even emergence plays in maximizing your yields.  That’s why you plant slowly, and strive for even seed depth, consistent moisture, and good seed-to-soil contact.

But, you’re missing a trick — the nutrition in the seed itself.

“In the past we’ve been striving to improve the even emergence on our corn but we started using the invigor 8 product from Genesis Ag and boy we started seeing some great benefits from that; even emergence, as well as better plant health and root development from the time the corn emerges.  Even in the stressed conditions we often run into, we just see a better crop start,” says David Hula, 542 bushels/acre 2017.

Invigor 8™’s unique formulation unlocks the seed’s stored reserves.  It’s the “missing link” to faster seedling emergence, more uniform stands, and more yield at harvest.

Faster Seedling Emergence

Seeds treated with invigor 8™ mobilize their stored food reserves faster. The embryo accesses these reserves more quickly. The developing seedling emerges from the soil earlier.  The result is a stronger, more rapidly growing young plant.

More Uniform Stands

There is no doubt about it.  Delayed or uneven emergence costs you yield.  In fact, emergence as little as 24 hours latecan cost you money at harvest.  It’s keeping your from maximizing the genetic potential of your seed.  It’s like taking corn out of your bin at harvest

That’s the reason world record breaking yield champion David Hula believes that uniform emergence is key to breaking yield barriers on your farm.

David Hula says,“When we see that first spikelet coming out of the ground we want every plant to be up within 4-6 hours.  If you start seeing 8, 12, 24 hours, 2 days difference in plant emergence then your plants are starting to become competitive with each one another down the road.

More Yield at Your Harvest

Of course while beautiful stands of corn at v3 are pretty to look at, what really matters to your bottom line is what ends up in your combine in the fall.

David says…

“This product is a no-brainer.  We don’t even test it anymore.  This is one product where you’re going to get your R.O.I.”

Let’s Break Through Some Yield Barriers On Your Farm

If you’re like most of us, you’re watching your costs of production closely these days.  Falling commodity prices are making all of us tighten our belts.  Once you’ve cut all the “easy” places — and maybe even some difficult ones — often it’s a lot more lucrative, and fun, to add some low cost bushels to your final harvest numbers.

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