Protect Your Plant With Silicate from Genesis AG

SilaKate is the revolutionary concoction, when added to the soil, combines with peptides and amino acids in the soil to generate the most soluble form of silicon i.e. polysilicates. SiliKate is engineered with the ingredients that possess the ability to create molecules having useful biological functions. It has been proven to increase crop productivity from 17% to 30% by increasing soil texture, water holding capacity, ion exchange, and soil erosion stability.

One of the most important functions that our product consists of is the stimulation of the plant’s disease defense anility against biotic and abiotic stresses. SilaKate has shown great results with reinforcing plant protection properties against leaf freckles, rust, and ringspot. Our product is slightly alkaline due to which it will reduce heavy metal toxicity and on the other hand improve plant growth in acid soil than liming. This helps to increase the abundance of microbes in the soil, especially the species which are involved in the formation of tiny particles called phytoliths (plant stone) that acts like a shield against herbivorous insects and rodents without affecting the quality of the fruit, soil and the plant itself. All in all, our product SilaKate is a must-have for both optimized soil fertility and improved plant nutrition.

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