Seed Treatment Guide

To help growers get the most out of their invigor 8™, we've created this seed treatment guide.  This guide will cover the different available seed treatment methods and techniques for getting your product applied efficiently while maximizing your return on investment. When Should You Treat Your Seed? We recommend treating your seed in advance of planting day. [...]

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Free-living Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria

The Importance of Nitrogen As you know, growing plants are big consumers of Nitrogen.  And as a grower, you spend a lot of your time and energy trying understand when, in what form, and how much nitrogen you should apply for your crop's needs during the season.  But, there is help available - from an unexpected source, [...]

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Seed Treatment and Liquid In Furrow – 12 Days

  How Did Your Corn Look After Only 12 Days? A central Pennsylvania dairyman ran some trials using the invigor 8™ seed treatment and the Genesis Ag suite of liquid fertilizer products in furrow. The pictures of the treated versus control plants were taken only 12 days after planting and the Genesis treated plants [...]

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